Monday, May 8, 2017

Case Study: Revive Skateboards

  For my case study, I decided to research a company named Revive Skateboards. The reason I chose Revive, is because the skateboarding industry has a very unique marketing style that is different from any other kind of industry. Revive however, is even more unique. Their marketing strategy and value proposition sets them apart from all the other skateboard companies.
  Andrew Schrock, the founder of the brand, started out with just a YouTube channel showcasing his life as a skateboarder and dad. As his fan-base grew, he decided to start making products or "merchandise" for the people who watched his channel. He had no idea how successful he would be selling this merchandise, and he began quickly selling out of all the products he released. When realizing the potential for the brand, he decided to take it more seriously. He then became business partners with his long time friend, Brian Ambs, and the brand was officially born. He started it out under the name "Revenge Skateboards" but later had to change the name of the brand to Revive, because of some legal issues.
  Revive Skateboards is even more unique than the average skate company because their team is not necessarily as talented as other companies, but their value proposition makes up for this fact and even sets them ahead. Revive focuses on the personal connection between their riders and their fans. This connection is what other skateboarding companies do not have and usually shy away from. They make this connection through the website YouTube. Every single one of the skateboarders on the team have individual YouTube channels, where they broadcast their day to day lives. This allows for their customers to feel like they have a personal connection with the team.
  The target market and main demographic for their customers is young kids that are around 9-15 years old, and they appeal to this younger demographic with the design of their products. The reason this demographic connects with Revive is because not only do young children love to watch YouTube, but they also naturally search for someone to be a role model for them. Revive appeals to that need. The company also sells their boards for a cheaper price. A revive board costs $38, while a typical skate brand sells their boards at around $50-$60 dollars. The company targeted this group of customers and built up their company starting with this specific demographic. Revive Skateboards is now one of the top skateboard companies in the world, and they are continuing to grow and branch out to more customers.
  Lately, Revive has tried to expand their customer base/demographic by using the traditional ways of advertising. I lately saw their advertisement in a Thrasher magazine, which means they are trying to market to more than just little kids. If they go about this the right way, I think they will be successful, but they will need to make some changes within the brand. They need to change some of their designs to appeal to older skateboarders, as well as recruit better skaters onto their team.

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